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What You Didn’t Learn in College: Top 10 Podcasts for Recent Grads

Posted by Michelle McGuire on Jun 14, 2018

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You learn so much at college. You gain expertise in a subject, conduct research, and experience countless new things. You know what you don’t learn? How to live your best post grad life by excelling at your profession, navigating the confusing world of office politics, budgeting, and getting the most out of everyday life. These podcasts are here to help guide you as you become the awesome professional we know you are!

For channeling your inner awesomeness: The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes explores what makes people successful. Think of the podcast as a combination of professional insights and self-help as he interviews brilliant business leaders and dissects topics such as how to love yourself unconditionally. And with over 250 episodes, there are plenty to pick and choose from.

For your inner leader: This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is for growing your leadership skills. Chances are you aren’t “the boss” right out of college, but anyone can appreciate his wisdom on how to build new habits, be a better conversationalist, and be more accountable. You’ll learn all the skills they don’t teach you on the job to start growing your leadership potential!

For the fearless entrepreneurs: Being Boss is all about, you guessed it, being your own boss! Business besties Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon explore everything from business strategy and marketing to mindsets and routines to help you be a better entrepreneur. Whether you’re looking for that perfect side hustle or want to build your own business empire, there’s a lot to learn.

For a little bit of everything: The Tim Ferriss Show is arguably THE business podcast to listen to. It’s topped the charts on more than one occasion and there’s definitely a reason why. Tim Ferriss talks to influential people from almost every industry you can think of to deconstruct what made them successful and what tools and tactics you can use from their lives. It’s the perfect podcast to get your feet wet in the world of business podcasts.

For #MondayMotivation:
The Brendon Show with Brendon Burchard is the best substitute for the career coach you wish you had. Start off your workdays feeling ready to take on any challenge that comes your way! Brendon talks about topics such as dealing with disappointment, overcoming rejection, and how to start thinking about your life’s mission.

For your quest for happiness: Happier with Gretchen Rubin is about how to be happy! As you tackle the new experiences and challenges of post grad life, it can be important to get back to basics and explore what makes you happy. After all, the ideal life is one where you’re happy both professionally and personally.

For that Career Day vibe: Working by Slate is the closest thing to Career Days you’re going to get out of college. Working looks at a certain job each week across a bunch of different industries. Whether you want to work in the White House one day or be a cartoonist, there’s an episode for you. It’s great for those who aren’t quite sure what career path they want to follow!

For those new to adulting: Adulthood Made Easy are for those who know the truth: being an adult is hard. While there are no new episodes, there are over 100 archived for you to learn how to choose a health insurance plan or cook beyond the microwave (thanks dorm life). It’s extremely useful and will turn into your trusted companion as you navigate being on your own.

For your first paycheck: You Need a Budget is here to be your first financial advisor. The podcast explores weekly financial topics to help you get out of student debt, make a budget, and live beyond paycheck to paycheck. We know it can be tempting to spend your entire paycheck as soon as you get it, so treat this podcast as your best friend telling you “no.”

For navigating your first office: Career Tools will help you brush up on your professional skills and excel at living that daily office life. Equipping you with tools such as how to make sure your email is read and when to go to HR, Career Tools will quickly become your go-to resource for professional advice.

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