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6 Stress Management Tips

Posted by Daniella Baires on Dec 06, 2019

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The holiday season can be the culprit for some added stress to your every day routine. While there are many levels of stress, some can be harmful, and even make you feel ill. It is important to learn what triggers stress so that it can be prevented. Learning to manage your stress is also key to stop it from taking over during the busy holiday season. Follow these simple tips to help manage stress at work or school:

Know Your Triggers

Pay attention to situations that cause you stress. Maybe it's a certain meeting every week at work, or maybe your school work is piling up. Track when you feel your anxiety build up. You'll be able to recognize a pattern and come up with a better game plan to prevent stress. 

Let Your Body Rest

Don't stay up late trying to catch up on emails, or trying to get ahead with homework. Remember that it will still be there in the morning when you are well rested after a good night sleep. Let your mind and body shut down for the appropriate amount of time so that you are recharged for the next day. 

Plan Breaks 

Make sure you get up from your desk several times a day. Take a quick lap around the office, or if the weather permits, walk outside to get some air. It's important to step away from what you are doing to give yourself a mental break. 


Prioritize Your To-Do List

Not everything on your task list need to be done immediately. Instead of making long running lists of tasks, create a daily to-do list with realistic deadlines. Set a goal of how many tasks you can do per day. Prioritize them in numerical order based on urgency. 

Talk to Your Supervisor

If you feel the culprit of your stress is your workload, have an open conversation with your supervisor. Map out your daily schedule to show them where you are having trouble. There may be certain things that can be taken off your plate or delegated elsewhere to relieve your work load. 

Exercise Regularly 

Physical activity helps your body release a "happy" chemical called endorphins. Your nervous system creates this chemical to cope with things like pain and stress. After a long day try going to a cardio class or try jogging around the block to get your happy booster. 

Remember you're not the only one learning to manage stress. Keep a positive outlook and seek solutions instead of letting it take over. If you are looking for more ideas on how to reduce stress at work check out this infographic from SnackNation. 



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