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Level Up Your Technology Skills for Today’s Workplace

Posted by Michelle McGuire on Jan 10, 2019

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Visualize a workday at an average job. Is the day full of in-person meetings, phone calls, and gossip at coworkers’ desks? That’s so 2000. Technology is evolving the workplace as we know it. Where there once was one office in one city, there are now remote workers scattered across the world. Where there once were in-person meetings, there are video conferences and cloud collaboration. Are you ready for the technological demands of today’s workplace?

Let’s make your answer a resounding yes! Knowing your way around some common workplace collaboration tools can help give you a leg up in the hiring process. So let’s swap out the “Microsoft Word” listed under your skills for some of these:

Asana: Your To-Do List Optimized. This tool is basically a collaborative to-do list. You can add a project and break it down by tasks. So your to-do list, your coworker’s to-do list, and your boss’s to-do list become one ultimate project list. All the tasks within a project can only be assigned to one person. Because let’s be honest, when multiple people are assigned to one thing does anyone actually do it? You can also view the project however you want to by a calendar, unfinished tasks, finished tasks, people responsible for the tasks, etc.

Basecamp: The Consolidation of Everything. Have you ever wanted a project management tool that you can use to chat, upload files, review documents, make lists, and do everything else you could ever want? Basecamp is that software. It takes on the project management needed in an office while also handling all possible communication, collaboration, document storage needs, etc. Your entire workplace can basically live in Basecamp. Sounds too good to be true? One con is that this software can be tough to learn.


G Suite: The Microsoft Office of the Future. You’ve probably already had a Gmail for the past ten years, so you’re likely rolling your eyes at the idea of learning G Suite. What else is there to really learn? A lot! Workplaces collaborate on documents in Docs, spreadsheets in Sheets, and presentations in Slides. Documents are shared over Drive. Meetings are scheduled on Google Calendar and held over Hangouts. Basically, Google is taking over the office in so many more ways than just Gmail.

Slack: Professional AIM. Slack is a lot of offices’ favorite messaging tool. At its core, Slack consolidates all communication needs for a workplace. It organizes conversations into different channels where people can chat about projects or share the funniest cat video to date. The channels are also searchable so no “I can’t find that email” panic! It also includes integrations to share documents, new leads, etc.

Trello: The Biggest Collection of Post-its Ever. If you’re a whiteboard fanatic or post-it lover, this might be THE tool for you. Trello is all about the visualization side of things. The software is based around boards where you create a series of lists. With one quick look you’ll be able to see who is taking on certain tasks, when they’re due, etc. Bonus: Trello is definitely the visually stunning option out there with bright colors and fun backgrounds.

So whether you dig into Asana, Basecamp, G Suite, Slack, Trello, or all five, you’re now that much more ready to take on your future workplace head on!

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