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Give Professional Thanks

Posted by Michelle McGuire on Nov 21, 2018

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, have you thought about how to show your gratitude at work? We spend so many hours at work surrounded by our coworkers and bosses, but we rarely take the time to pause and say thank you! Now is the perfect time to tell people at work that you appreciate them. Whether you’re finishing up a stellar internship or just closing out the year at work, here’s how to give thanks while maintaining professional vibes:

Say It or Show It?

The first thing to consider is, how are you comfortable saying thank you? There is no right answer. Think about whether you prefer to express your appreciation verbally or through actions. Some people are naturally expressive and love sharing a heartfelt moment face-to-face. Others prefer a small gift or gesture to give thanks. Determined whether you’re a shower or a sayer? Good. Here are some suggestions for both!


Say It

Give thanks in a meeting: Take a few minutes of your next team meeting to tell your coworkers that you appreciate them. If your work environment is more formal, you may want to ask whoever leads the meeting for a few minutes ahead of time. There’s no need to launch into a full-on toast, keep your words short and sweet when talking about your team. Just be specific! Is there a team member who is always up to tackle a challenge? Another member whose words of encouragement make stressful situations lighter? Just letting your team know they make a difference in your professional life goes a long way!

Write a note: Shuddering at the thought of speaking up at a meeting? Consider writing short notes to your team members. And by writing notes, we mean cards and not emails! Getting out of their cluttered inboxes makes a much greater impact. Don’t feel pressured to write a novel, just a personalized holiday note with a compliment or two will do!

Show It

Bake a holiday treat: You don’t have to use your words to show gratitude. Bake your favorite treat and bring it into the office to share! Your team members will know you thought of them outside of work and went the extra mile to spread the holiday spirit.

Gift on your terms: Do you love giving gifts? There’s no reason you can’t do that in the office! Don’t feel pressured to impress with a high price tag or the absolute perfect gift for every individual. Instead consider what small gifts are appropriate for work and show your appreciation! Gifts like small potted plants or mugs with Starbucks gift cards can be a great way to show gratitude.

Whether you bake, write a note, or do all of the above, just make sure it’s authentic to you and your team members. It’s not about how elaborate your words or gifts are. It’s all about taking the moment to pause, reflect, and just let your team members know they’re appreciated in the spirit of the season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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