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Five Steps to Create an Effective Elevator Pitch

Posted by Daniella Baires on Sep 20, 2018

Tags: Early career advice

Whether you're at a conference networking or at a casual happy hour, you could be asked, "So, what does your company do?" Of course you know what your company does, but how do you say it in a short statement that everyone understands? Hello, elevator pitch! We all know what an elevator pitch is, but is yours crafted and ready to go? Use these steps to create an effective elevator pitch for any situation.

1. Identify the problem your company can help fix. Think about what brings clients to your company. What service is provided to them? While going through these next steps, imagine you work for a company called "Global Inc.," that sells government complaint software to contractors. 

elevator pitch2. Engage with a question. Highlight the service that your company does by asking an intro question. 

Example: "You know how government contractors need to have an accounting solution that is complaint?

3. Communicate your selling point.

Example: "Global Inc., is the leading choice in software due to it's successful government compliance for over 50 years.

4. State the winning outcome of your company's service. How does using your company's service make the client successful? Think about the advantages that someone will experience if they use your company.

Example: If you use one of Global Inc.'s solutions you are eligible to win more business contracts. 

5. Put it all together. Now that you have broken down your elevator pitch into these four steps, combine all the pieces together.

Example: You know how government contractors need to have a compliant accounting software in order to win contracts? Well, Global Inc., has been the industry leading company for 50 years offering compliant solutions to help you successfully complete projects and win more business. 

Ta-da! Now that you have the recipe to creating an elevator pitch, put yours to the test!

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