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Discover Yourself: 3 Personality Tests To Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Posted by Michelle McGuire on Nov 01, 2018

Tags: Early career advice

We all love a good online quiz or two. Knowing what superhero you are or your Harry Potter house is super fun, but when was the last time you took a quiz that gave you valuable takeaways for your career? Welcome to the world of professional personality tests! These tests help you understand yourself, how you interact with others, and what careers best tap into your strengths. Here are few that can help you start learning more about yourself

16personalities: The Basic Personality Breakdown

About: 16personalities is THE free online personality and professional assessment. 16personalities is based on two different philosophies. One is from Carl Jung, an early 20th century philosopher who developed the concept of introversion versus extroversion. The other is from Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the mother-daughter pair who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Combine them and you have 16personalities! Learn the entire breakdown of their theory here.

What you learn: Have you ever heard someone say they’re an ENFP? Or a INTJ? This test will give you your own personality type (you guessed it, there’s 16) and the associated strengths, weaknesses, emotions, career paths, and more. You’re bound to learn a valuable takeaway or two in their incredibly detailed breakdown of each type!

Take it: Take the free assessment here.


StrengthsFinder: What Are Your Strengths?

About: We often spend far too much time thinking about our shortcomings. StrengthsFinder believes that we should focus instead on developing our strengths. The assessment itself was developed by scientists and psychologists to help people uncover their natural talents. They’re probably onto something too since over 19 million people have taken the assessment!

What you learn: StrengthsFinder gives you insight into your top five talents. Are you someone who influences people with their communication? Maybe you are a natural relationship-builder? The customized report breaks down your strengths and gives you suggestions for how to live your best life by harnessing what already makes you awesome.

Take it: The easiest way to take the assessment is to buy the StrengthsFinder book (don’t worry, it’s not textbook pricing!), which includes a unique access code.

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DiSC: How Do You Behave?

About: How you communicate and act around others is so natural to you, you probably never think about it. DiSC is all about those behavioral differences. The assessment helps people understand themselves so they can work and communicate better with others. Think of it as the assessment to make you the ultimate team player and leader. Dig a little deeper into their theory here.

What you learn: The DiSC breakdown describes your personality with four reference points: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Each of these categories has associated behaviors like whether you tend to accept challenges or whether you like to play by the rules. The resulting personality profile is a handy once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe your own behaviors.

Take it: Want to dip your toes in the DiSC waters? Try a free (unofficial) version here. You can then explore next level options of various prices from the official DiSC website.

If you’re wondering I’m a Ravenclaw INFJ with strategic thinking strengths and dominant behaviors. How’d you do?

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