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Back to School Checklist for Working Professionals

Posted by Daniella Baires on Aug 30, 2019

Tags: Grad school consideration

Are you curious to see what a graduate students' back to school checklist looks like? Part-time MBA graduate student, Kevin Sundeen, shares his back to school checklist as he starts his first week at George Mason University School of Business.

  • Complete your Immunization records. That's right, you'll need to check and see if you need any additional immunizations before starting your program. 
  • Research student discounts. As a student you may be eligible for several discounts. Some well known participating companies include Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Apple. You'll even be surprised to know that many retailers also offer student discounts. Make sure to have your student ID with you when shopping and ask to see where you can save!
  • Buy your text books in advance. Find out what classes will require text books and check out places like Amazon and Chegg to see if you can find better deals than your school bookstore. 
  • Stock up on school supplies. Take a trip back to memory lane and pick up some folders, binders, labels, pencils, and anything else you'll need.
  • Set time aside for pre-class assignments. There is a very strong possibility that you will have pre-class assignments or reading to do. Make sure to keep an eye on your new school email for updates from professors so you're prepared for your first class. 
  • Request time off for study time. As a working professional you'll need to set some time aside for exam prep, group projects, or possibly just mental day for a break. As you review your class schedule, pin point important dates and submit your time off requests early. 
  • Back to school clothes. Don't forget to do a little something extra for your self. There's nothing like rocking a new outfit for your first day of class! 

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